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7 Steps to Writing Research Paper

Writing research paper has become part of the student or the researchers. Here are the steps to write effective pape rs in your less time:

First step: Choosing a topic

When selecting a topic for research paper, have something that interests and challenges you, as your treatment toward the topic may well influence the amount of endeavor and enthusiasm you put into it. Keep away from subjects that are too technical and those that have a limited range of references.

Second Step: Finding information

In finding information, take a look at the materials found in the library—almanacs, atlases, catalogs, encyclopedias, dictionaries, magazines, newspapers, etc.—and surf the Internet or check out online resources. Scrutinize all of them and remember the sites; print out, photocopy or jot down notes of important details. Write down also the complete bibliographical information such as the author’s name; title of book; name, place and date of publication; page numbers, URLs, dates of access, etc. Any article without bibliographical information is useless since you cannot mention its source.

Third Step: Defining thesis7 Steps to Writing Research Paper

When defining your thesis, write it in one sentence: Your statement is like a statement of something that you believe in, as the main part of your essay will comprise of claims to support and defend it.

Fourth Step: Making a Tentative Outline

In making a tentative outline, reflect through your topic first and put it in logical order before you begin. Having a good outline is the key to writing a good research paper or term paper.

Include in your outline an introduction, where you state your thesis and the purpose of your research paper; the body, where you present arguments in essay form to support the statement of your thesis; and the conclusion, where you summarize your points.

Fifth Step: Organizing Notes

When organizing notes, fix it according to your outline and then analyze all your data. If some opposing views would help to support your research paper, take note of them—this is the most important phase in writing a research paper. You must also be able to convey swiftly what’s in your mind.

Sixth Step: Writing the First Draft

In writing the first draft, begin with the prime topic in your outline and read all other pertinent notes you collected. Quote precisely, paraphrase or summarize for each idea you want to use in writing your essay. When revising the outline of draft, spot any content errors in your paper and use a dictionary as needed, proofread the final paper for punctuation or misspelled words, verify all the facts and figures, organize and re-organize ideas to stick to your outline. You may also get somebody to read your research paper for secondary checking.

Seventh Step: revising the outline and draft

Before typing or encoding the final paper, read your assignment sheet once more to make sure that you meet the requirements given by your teacher—see how your essay will be assessed. Be sure that your final output’s neat and printed on a clean paper. Plan to have your research paper all set a day or six before the dates of submissions.